Welcome to Kingdom Life In Business

Connecting Christians with one another in fulfilling God’s mandate to demonstrate His Presence and power in our society and culture is what Kingdom Life in Business (KLB) is all about.

As Christians were already given the “keys of the Kingdom” some 2,000 years ago, we strive today to combine our expertise, talents and spiritual gifts to unlock God’s plans and purposes–and our destinies. Using top-level strategies and blueprints that enable Christians to prosper in every area of life, we also strive to do the same in our given sphere of influence–and society in general.

Our focus is helping to establish relationship-based networking and mentoring associations. We no longer ascribe to a “prince of the power of the air” mentality. Remembering that we’ve been given Kingdom keys, we are on the move advancing by means of the internet and the media connecting entrepreneurs, business people, ministry ventures while enabling marketplace leadership. We’re in the business of being about Our Father’s Kingdom business, exchange ideas, concepts and provide mutual prayer support for one another. In short, we are Kingdom relationship-driven.

Who Qualifies For A Kingdom Life In Business?

If you are a business person or in marketplace ministry of any sort, then being part of a connection with KLB is the thing to do. If God-given prosperity is important to you, then you know it’s not about you alone. In God’s economy, you prosper as others do also.

In these end-times, there’s a release from Heaven of the seven spirits of God: wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, counsel, the fear of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord Himself all converging to make a transformational change in culture. Your family being the top priority and then followed by your local church, your city and nation–these are the established blueprints for taking back what is rightfully ours. What is the vehicle? Economic empowerment and activating the economic engine.

We have seven designated mountains to conquer and recapture: the mountain of education, government, media, religion, the arts, business and most important of all, the family. The invasion begins. Using webinars and keynote speakers sharing real-life lessons, you’ll listen and learn of the keys they used to achieve and establish a beachhead.

This is a time of convergence and interaction; prophetic ministry and sharing of resources is part of the journey as we partner with God to do His Kingdom Life in Business.